A collective of lousy things made lousily when I have free time. Lots of the things on the site and the site itself are under construction. Though as of April 9th 2014, we now have stable hosting so there shouldn't be any more unexpected downtime. If you find a problem with a generator or anything the site, send me a @ on twitter and I'll fix it when I can.

Create something with one of the generators? Fanart or fanfic or just a humourous result? Tag it on twitter or tumblr as #kirigen and I'll promote it as best as I can!

Latest Updates:

03/14/17: Yellow/Blonde Haired Character Sorter added after all. Precure sorter also finally updated.

02/21/17: Blue Haired Character Sorter added. I've been working on this for fun for awhile because why the heck not, right? I could be doing somethng productive with my life but nah, how about this instead. I think I'm going to do green hair next. It would be green and then purple or blonde.




If you spot any mistakes, bugs or just have a suggestion for a future feature, let me know here!